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Paralegal Services
Voices for Immigrant's Justice

Frustrated by all your legal paperwork? Call Voices at 760-241-2400 anytime you need paralegal services. Our flat rate pricing makes it easy for you to choose which services to call us for. You can rely on us to produce the legal documents you need quickly and efficiently.

We'll prepare your legal documents and / or file them for you.

With 26 years or experience, you never have to worry that our certified, registered and bonded paralegals will get it right. We take your practice as seriously as you do.

If you have a busy legal practice, Voices is the only help you need.

Why hire someone full-time for an occasional legal need? Call Voices anytime you need paralegal services. We'll perform only the legal document preparation and paralegal services you need at a cost you can afford.

We service most areas of law.
  • Immigration
  • Divorce
  • Real estate
  • Estates / trusts
You'll love the benefits of paralegal services.
  • Over 26 years experience
  • Pay as you go services
  • Filing available
  • Most areas of law serviced
  • Reliable, timely documents
Don't just let your work pile up while client's wait.  Hire Voices for the paralegal services you need to keep your legal practice on track.
You'll get $25 OFF your first service when you call us at 760-241-2449.
Reliable, Dependable, Trustworthy and Low Cost

All Legal Documents

Juvenile Records Sealing
Name Change
Immigration & Citizenship
Naturalization Forms Child Support / Visitation Order Modification
Spousal Support
Uncontested Divorce
Domestic Partners Registration
Wills / Trusts
Health Care Directive
Deeds / Homestead
Mechanic Liens
Power of Attorney
Small Claims