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Legal Document Preparation

Voices for Immigrant's Justice
Confused by the legal system? If you don't have the right paperwork to support your legal claim, you risk losing your case. As experienced paralegals, Voices helps you prepare and file the documents you need to start a court case. We make it easier for you to pursue the justice you deserve.

Self-help doesn't mean self-explanatory.

If you've decided to represent yourself in court, you probably have questions. You may wonder if you have all the documents you need or what to bring with you to court. Our services will ensure you get it right so you don't risk losing your case.

Using a paralegal service saves you money.

If you can't afford an attorny and decided to tackle the legal system alone, call Voices at 760-241-2449. We aren't attorneys so we cost quite a bit less. We'll ensure you file the right documents and have what you need prepared to succeed in court pro se.

Your legal documentation filing is easier with our help.
  • Divorce
    • Child custody
    • Spousal support
    • Alimony
    • Marital settlement agreement
    • Complaint for divorce
    • Partition of poperty
    • Protection from abuse
    • Emergency petitions
  • Tenant / landlord issues
  • Small claims court (i.e. less than $10,000)
  • Estate / probate
  • Legally worded letters for pursuant to legal needs
  • Preparation for court proceedings
Do-it-yourself legal proceedings can be confusing. Don't risk your case - let Voices guide you through the process with our 26 years of experience.
You'll get $25 OFF your first service when you call us at 760-241-2449.
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All Legal Documents

Juvenile Records Sealing
Name Change
Immigration & Citizenship
Naturalization Forms Child Support / Visitation Order Modification
Spousal Support
Uncontested Divorce
Domestic Partners Registration
Wills / Trusts
Health Care Directive
Deeds / Homestead
Mechanic Liens
Power of Attorney
Small Claims